About The Coffee Festival

Vulkan Arena, Saturday, September 30 th 2017 

Oslo attracts coffee tourists from all corners of the world and is famous for the top quality coffee with the Scandinavian light roast style. We want to create a festival to show Osloanians what kind of coffee treasures we have in our own town. This event is for coffee drinkers, coffee lovers, coffee geeks, coffee amateurs and coffee enthusiasts like ourselves.

At the festival you will meet the Norwegian coffee elite who will be there to brew and talk to you about coffee. You’ll get to go to coffee tastings, lectures and classes to learn more about the amazing black gold from the best coffee professionals in the country.

There will be hand brewed coffee, batch brewed coffee, iced coffee, cappuccinos, coffee soft ice, coffee beer, coffee cocktails, coffee gadgets, coffee plants, coffee competitions and more. In the afternoon we’ll host the prestigious Norwegian Aeropress Championship with head judge Tim Wendelboe. The winner from this competition gets a trip to Seoul, Korea to compete in the World Aeropress Championship in November.

This is also a great opportunity for all you coffee tourists out there to do a weekend trip to Oslo.


Vulkan Arena
Oslo, Norway


September 30, 2017

Learn from the best

Many of the best coffee professionals in Norway will be here to teach and taste with you. We'll have a full day program of lectures, classes and tastings for you.

DAY: 11:00 – 17:00  –  Taste and learn

Coffee heaven with 20-25 booths, Vote for best coffee, lounge area, tastings/classes/lectures, The Coffee Sack Race Championship, food trucks in the area outside

NIGHT: 18:30 – 00:00  –  Social and party   Age limit 20 y/o

The Norwegian Aeropress Championship, coffee beer and coffee beer tasting, coffee cocktails, photobooth, coffee tattoos, concert/DJ TBA

The Norwegian Aeropress Championship

The Aeropress is a brewing method for coffee which has it's own National Championship. Watch the best Aeropressers in the country compete to win a trip to Seoul, Korea in November to defend our honor against more than 60 other National winners.

Registration to compete starts Sunday, August 20 th at 8 pm. Be ready!

Hurry Up!

The coffee festival will start in


Lectures, tastings and classes.
  • Day program

    September 30th, 2017

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  • Night program

    September 30th, 2017

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Our Speakers

Look at this amazing lineup! Speakers and trainers will be added to the list as the event approaches. This is your chance to learn from, and challenge, highly skilled people in the coffee industry.


Vulkan Arena, Oslo, Norway

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Experience a full day of coffee madness centrally in Oslo on this one day festival.